First / Business / Economy RTW / Open Jaw travel via
AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/MH/NU/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M operated services worldwide.

Capacity Limitations

The carrier shall limit the number of passengers carried on any one flight on fares governed by this rule and such fares will not necessarily be available on all flights. The number of seats which the carrier shall make available on a given flight will be determined by the carrier’s best judgement.

Other Conditions

Fares apply only if purchased prior to departure.

The fare to be charged is determined by the highest class travelled and the number of geographic continents in the itinerary including the continent of origin and continents transited.
The Fare Basis corresponds to the number of continents and class purchased.
*IONE3 offered from select markets only

Travel between South West Pacific and Europe/Middle East on a single flight number/or by surface eg LON‐SYD/MEL/PER vv, DOH‐ADL/AKL/CBR/MEL/PER/SYD vv, is considered travelling via Asia.

Continents South West Pacific, Asia and Europe/Middle East must each be counted.
Continents are defined as:
The continent of Europe‐Middle East consists of 2 zones:

Europe (including Algeria, Morocco, Russia west of the Urals and Tunisia)
Middle East (including Egypt, Libya and Sudan)

The continent of Asia includes, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia east of the Urals, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
The continent of North America includes the Caribbean, Central America and Panama.

Baggage regulations
Two free pieces of 23 kilos each shall be permitted. Additional allowances may apply. Refer to individual carrier websites.
Passenger Expenses
Not permitted.
Refer GDS.
Fares only apply on any AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/MH/NU/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M flights.

(a) Travel must be via the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and only one crossing of each ocean is permitted.

(b) Travel must be in a continuous forward direction between TC1 ‐ TC2 ‐ TC3. Backtracking within a continent is permitted except as follows:
Backtracking between Hawaii and other points in North America is not permitted.

(c) Travel may originate at any point for which fares are published and must terminate at the same point, except that origin‐destination surface segments are permitted as follows:

a. within the country of origin
b. within the Middle East
c. between the United States and Canada
d. between HKG and China
e. between Malaysia and SIN
f. within Africa
g. between Maldives and Sri Lanka/India

(d) Travel may not be via the point of origin.

(e) Only one intercontinental departure and one intercontinental arrival permitted in each continent
except as follows:
1. Two permitted in North America.
2. Two permitted in Asia when one is for travel between the Southwest Pacific and
Europe/Middle East.
3. Two permitted in Europe/Middle East for travel to/from/via Africa.
If travel is to/from Europe in both directions, itinerary may not include Mauritius/South Africa.

(f) Only one international departure and one international arrival from/to the country of origin
EXCEPTION: Two permitted for origin USA when one arrival‐departure is a transfer without stopover.
NOTE: travel between USA and Canada is not counted as international.
No more than 4 international transfers from the one country permitted.

(g) Intermediate surface sectors are permitted at the passenger’s expense.
Transoceanic surface sectors between TC1‐TC2 and TC1‐TC3 are not permitted.
EXCEPTION: For travel originating in the South West Pacific, one transoceanic surface sector between
TC1‐TC2 or TC1‐TC3 is permitted.

(h) A minimum of 3 and maximum of 16 segments, including surface segments between any 2 airports,
are permitted for the entire journey. Free flight segments within each continent are limited as follows:
(i) The same city pairs/sectors cannot be flown more than once in the same direction.

(j) Travel on any AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/MH/NU/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M codeshare service operated by AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/MH/NU/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M is permitted.

Other codeshare services not permitted with the exception of QF Codeshare services operated by Jetstar (JQ). QF operated services within USA (eg LAX‐JFK vv) not permitted unless booked in conjunction with a QF operated and marketed online connection or stopover flight at LAX Additionally, travel permitted on the following affiliated airlines:

Ground transportation services operated by/for BA/QF may not be included as part of the oneworld Explorer.

(k) Within the USA/Canada only one nonstop or single plane service transcontinental flight permitted. A transcontinental flight is defined as travel between a city in column A and a city in column B.
Additionally, only one flight to Anchorage (ANC) and one flight from Anchorage (ANC) permitted.
(l) Within Australia ‐ only one nonstop/single plane service flight is permitted between the following points:


A. No restriction between SYD/MEL ‐ PER for passengers originating in PER when in conjunction with travel to/from JNB/SHA
B. No restriction between SYD/MEL ‐ PER for passengers originating in New Zealand when in
conjunction with travel to/from JNB
(a) Reservations and Ticketing
Reservations for the first international flight and all preceding flights must be made prior to departure.
Subsequent segments may be open‐dated.
(b) Booking Codes
NOTE: For flights where First or Business Class is not offered or available, passengers may travel in a lower class, in the applicable booking code for that lower class.

Where the applicable booking class for the lower class is not available, passengers travelling on First Class fares may book Y Class.
Passengers travelling on DONE* Business Class fares may book B Class (except AA) or H Class on AA.

The fare for the highest class used applies, without compensation.

For services within the Middle East, where no Business Class is offered, Business Class passengers may book and travel in A Class on QR, subject to availability. This provision does not apply on any flight where Business Class exists but is unavailable for booking.

No minimum stay except:
All fares originating in TC1 Travel on the last international sector must commence no earlier than 10 days after commencement of the first international sector 

(All minimum rules with respect to Stopovers need to also be taken into consideration when applying this rule. )
Return travel from the last stopover point must commence no later than 12 months after departure

This also means if you book a fare that starts in 11 months from date of purchase, the 12 month stay rules starts from that departure date. Great for planning your GAP year well in advance. 
1. Minimum 2 stopovers required  ( A stopover is a minimum of 24 hours from the time the plane lands.)  
2. Maximum 2 stopovers permitted in the continent of origin 

Unlimited online/interline transfers permitted between

Your agent is going to be able to discuss these options with you at time of booking. 
Add‐ons not permitted.
Combinations with other fares not permitted.

While this is the official ruling, we can use open jaws within your tickets allowance to provide the required gaps for you to include another ticket issued separately to achieve unique itineraries. Ask RTW Airfares for more details on this. 
Economy Class Passengers may travel in AA, CX, IB, JL, QF Premium Economy cabin or BA World Traveller
Plus cabin for an additional charge, per flight segment of:
Book in
AA ‐ P Class
BA/IB ‐ T Class
JL ‐ E Class
CX/QF ‐ R Class
Identify as a ‐Q‐ in the fare calculation, immediately following applicable sector.
Child/infant discounts apply
Tickets must be issued on the stock of AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/LP/MH/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M.

When JQ operated QF marketed is included in an itinerary IB/S7 stock cannot be utilised.
If a ticket includes travel to/from/via Cuba it may not also include flight segments for travel on American Airlines / American Eagle (operated by Envoy Airlines, Skywest, Express Jet, Republic Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Compass Airlines, Trans States Airlines, PSA Airlines and Piedmont Airlines) due to U.S. Government restrictions.

Any such ticket will not be honoured by AA and cannot be used to travel on AA.
Fees as described below may be waived in case of certified death/illness of the passenger or passenger’s immediate family member or accompanying passenger.

Local service fees may apply on rebooking, rerouting, reissue or refund.
(a) Rebooking / Rerouting

1. Prior to departure:
a. Changes are permitted provided ticketed points remain the same. If the first flight coupon
is being changed, and the fare level has increased since ticket issuance, the difference
between the old and new fare will be charged. If the fare level has decreased since ticket
issuance, no refund will apply.

b. Changes to ticketed points are permitted at a charge of USD 125 per transaction. If the fare
level has increased since ticket issuance, the difference between the old and new fare will
also be charged. If the fare level has decreased since ticket issuance, no refund will apply.

2. After departure:
a. Changes are permitted provided ticketed points remain the same.
b. Changes to ticketed points are permitted at a charge of USD 125 per transaction.
c. No Show requires rebooking at a charge of USD 125.
d. If the rerouting results in an increase to the number of continents previously charged, the
ticket shall be recalculated. Ticket may be reissued to any applicable Explorer fare
validating all rules of the new fare except for restrictions on retroactive use. Rerouting fee
applies when the resulting fare is less than or equal to the original fare. No refund applies.
See Upgrading provisions when recalculation results in a new fare basis at a higher value.

(b) Cancellations and Refunds
1. After ticket issuance ‐ Cancellation/No Show
Forfeit 10% of ticketed fare for Economy Class fares
Forfeit 5% of ticketed fare for Business/First Class fares
2. In case of refusal of official documents/entry permit/visa a full refund will apply provided official documentation from the approved authority is produced and attached to the refund request.
3. For partially used transportation the refund if any will be the difference between the fare paid and the fare for the transportation used less the fee specified in (1) above.  NOTE: For tickets sold in Venezuela any full or partial refund must be processed through the original issuing location in Venezuela.

(c) Upgrading
1. An Economy Class oneworld Explorer fare may be upgraded to a higher tiered or First/Business Class oneworld Explorer fare without fee.
2. A Business class oneworld Explorer fare may be upgraded to a higher tiered or First Class oneworld Explorer fare without fee.
3. A First Class oneworld Explorer fare may be upgraded to a higher tiered oneworld Explorer fare without fee.
4. Upgrading by sector to Business/First Class is not permitted.
5. At any time the oneworld Explorer fare may be used as credit towards payment of any higher fare from the point of origin provided the conditions of the higher fare have been met.

No fee will apply. Where such credit is towards another Explorer fare, retroactive use will be permitted. Reissued tickets must be endorsed ‐‐NON REF/ XXX‐‐ (XXX equals oneworld Explorer fare basis code) and the original Non‐Refundable amount remains Non‐Refundable. If the upgraded ticket is subsequently cancelled, the original fee will apply.
(a) Fare basis codes:
First AONE*
Business IONE3/DONE*
Economy LONE*
* Equals number of continents

(b) Endorsements:
The original and reissued ticket must be annotated 
Valid on oneworld only / non ref in the endorsement box
Accompanied child 2‐11 ‐ charge 75 percent of the fare
Ticketing code ‐ base fare code plus CH
or ‐ Infant: under 2 without a seat ‐ charge 10 percent of fare

Ticketing code ‐ base fare code plus IN
NOTE: If an infant reaches two years of age after travel has commenced but before travel is complete, a full child fare ticket must be purchased for the entire journey.


For sales in Russia, for travel commencing in Russia: Infant under 2 without a seat not permitted. A full Child fare must be purchased for the entire journey.

or ‐ NOTE:
Unaccompanied children are not accepted for transportation using the oneworld Explorer Fare.
Not permitted.

While not permitted on ticketing, if you are a tour / group booker and would like to discuss FOC's and build in ticket pricing, please contact our sales team for more details. 
Not permitted.

While not permitted on ticketing, if you are an Independent Travel Agents with a current IATA or TIDS card, please contact our sales team for ways we can help.
Applicable to AA only.
Rule 755 Senior Saver Club not permitted.
Rule 1810 Senior Citizen Discount Club not permitted.
Group travel using these fares is permitted for Business Class and Economy Class travel only.
No requirements

Economy Class ‐ 10 passengers
NOTE: Maximum group size 30 passengers

Business Class ‐ 10 passengers
NOTE: Maximum group size 15 passengers

Group required to travel together for the entire itinerary.

No requirements

Name changes and additions are not permitted after the ticketing deadline.

(f) Ticketing carriers Group policy shall apply.
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