Beach Holidays

This is always one of the most requested destinations on any round the world airfare and with so many amazing beaches located around the world to choose from, the choices are simply endless.

When you think beaches, Australia has to be one of the first locations you think of with over 25,000 miles of beaches it has a lot to offer. Add the Great Barrier Reef to this and you have an amazing playground for Scuba Diving, Fishing, Surfing or simply relaxing the choice is yours.
For me the top ten destination for beaches on a round the world airfare are:

1. Camps Bay - Cape Town, South Africa
2. Whitehaven Beach – Whitsundays, Australia
3. Palm Cove - Cairns, Australia
4. Long Beach - British Columbia, Canada
5. An Bang Beach - Hoi An, Vietnam
6. Aroa Beach - Arorangi, Cook Islands
7. Traigh Mhor Beach – Barra, Scotland
8. South Beach - Miami, USA
9. Sunset Beach – Oahu, Hawaii
10. Navagio Beach – Zakynthos, Greece
While these are unusual to find on any normal top ten list, these stand out for a range of reasons, the main one is their cleanliness, size and close proximity to some really affordable accommodation. The pictures you will get are also high on the list.

A beach holiday is a very personal choice, you may like a relaxing approach so destinations like Palm Cove, Cairns should be high on the list as it’s incredibly relaxing and has some amazing restaurants on its doorstep.

If on the other hand you would like to explore the water itself and maybe scuba dive then one that should be on the list is Ilha Grande, Brazil, this amazing location is almost exactly midway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo so not the easiest to reach, but well worth the effort. You will not be disappointed.

One beach that is a surprise to be on any top ten list must be Traigh Mhor Beach – Barra, Scotland and it only made our list because we as avid flyers were lucky enough to experience the only beach runway in the world to handle scheduled airline services. This is a walkers paradise and the long flat beaches open up to an amazing scenery rarely seen anywhere in the world, just remember to take pack a jacket.

Regardless of your taste, we can create a unique itinerary that will get you to those beach locations you have always wanted to visit but did not think was possible

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