Backpacking can be a lot of fun, but it also can be back-breaking if you have not packed correctly and travel with only the bare necessities. This is why we belive the most important and the first principle of backpacking is to choose what you are going to take with you with a great deal of care and not only pack it correctly, but pack for your destination.

Do not put anything in the outer zippered pockets which is of value to you. In crowded streets these pockets can easily be opened and their contents stolen. Keep a large garbage bag in one of these pockets so that you can cover your backpack in case of rain or a storm.
Your backpack is going to be thrown around, it is going to be sat upon and it will be used by some as a stepping stone. Hence, if you are worried about something that will not stand ill-treatment of this type, do not take it with you.

Once you have packed the backpack, jump up and down with it – if anything wobbles – repack it.

How many times have you seen someone at an airport who is dressed in shorts 
and a singlet having just arrived from a beach resort, but outside is 4 inches of snow.

Before you start packing, lay everything out in front of you and then pack the heavier and bulkier items first. These should be placed as close to the bottom as possible and closer to your back – so that they do not drag the backpack away from your body. Fill all the spaces around these heavier objects with items such as socks and underclothing and towels etc. They will prevent everything from moving around too much.

Smaller items such as toiletries etc should be put together in ziplock bags so that you are not scrounging around for them later. Remove all the packaging material from anything you may have bought new, stuff socks into shoes, place all liquids in plastic soft bags and above all valuables such as electronics should be placed in waterproof packets.
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